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Invited Artist</p> <p>2017 Its Very New School, Rua Red, curated by Jennie Guy</p> <p>2017 Peripheries, Soul Beating, Gorey School of Art, curated by James Merrrigan</p> <p>2017 Virtue, The Hunt Museum Limerick, Curated by Alan Keane, Katrina Maguire and Naoimi O Nolan</p> <p>2015/16 The Future is Self-Organised, Limerick City Gallery of Art, curated by Pallas Projects; Mark Cullen and Gavin Murphy</p> <p>2015 WhatIs and What Might Be - Highlanes Municipal Art Gallery, Drogheda, County Louth </p> <p>2014 Imma Collection: Conversations - Irish Museum of Modern Art - IMMA, Dublin </p> <p>2014 EVA International AGITATIONISM Curated by Bassam El Baroni </p> <p>2013 Curation of the exhibition, Starting Over, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, (Alan Brooks, Gerard Byrne, Tacita Dean, Scott Myles).</p> <p>2013 Partition, Static Gallery /Void, Derry Londonderry</p> <p>2013 Modern Families, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork</p> <p>2012 EVA International - After the Future - Curated by Annie Fletcher</p> <p class="boldTitle"> 2012 Last - Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin <a href="http://www.douglashydegallery.com/exhibition.php?intProjectID=165">www.douglashydegallery.com</a></p> <p class="boldTitle"> 2012 Transitive Relationships  Limerick City Gallery of Art</p> <p> 2010 Cinema Impero  Occupy Space Limerick<br /> 2010 Volta6 Basel<br /> 2009 Group Show, Cavancor Gallery, Donegal<br /> 2009 RHA Annual Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy, Gallagher Galleries, Dublin <br /> 2008 Group Therapy, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Dublin<br /> 2008 <a href="http://www.itys.org/english/exhibitions/selective_knowledge.html">Selective Knowledge, National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, organised by ITYS, Athens</a> - <a class="underlineLink" href="http://www.itys.org/english/exhibitions/selective_knowledge.html">Link</a><br /> 2008 Mark O Kelly and Stephen Loughman Galway Arts Centre <br /> 2007 Presence, Limerick City Gallery of Art<br /> 2007 Emerging Artists (and some old friends), Boyle Arts Festival<br /> 2006 New Territories ; Cityscapes, ARCO  06 <br /> 2006 Other Visions; Purdy Hicks Gallery, London <br /> 2006 126, Galway Arts Centre <br /> 2005 A moment in Time, Temple Bar Gallery Dublin <br /> 2005 Seeing is Believing, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Dublin <br /> 2004 Eigse, Carlow <br /> 2003 En-Direct de Dublin, Centre Cultural Irlandais, Paris <br /> 2003 Affinity Archive, Broadstone Studios Dublin <br /> 2003 50/50, Temple Bar Gallery <br /> 2003 The National Gallery, Goethe Institute Dublin <br /> 2002 Time, Church Gallery LSAD <br /> 2002 Annual Exhibition, RHA Dublin <br /> 2001 See It As It Is, Draiocht Dublin <br /> 2001 Virtual Studio, Arthouse Dublin <br /> 2001 Looking at Pictures, Dunamaise Arts Centre Portlaoise <br /> 2001 Annual Exhibition, RHA Dublin <br /> 2001 Visual Art is Disposable, Liberty Hall Dublin <br /> 2000 Vivid, Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Dublin <br /> 1999 Household Event, Pery Square Limerick </p> <p class="boldTitle"> Education </p> <p> 1985 - 1990 National College of Art and Design, Dublin </p> <p> 1990 - 1992 Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. </p> <p class="boldTitle"> Awards </p> <p> Artists' Bursary Award, Arts Council of Ireland, 2004 & 2005 <br /> Golden Fleece, Merit Award, 2004 <br /> Arts Council of Ireland, Materials Award, 1993 <br /> British Council, Travel Award 1993 </p> <p> Elizabeth Greenshields Award, Montreal Canada, 1990<br /> First Prize, National Portrait Exhibition, 1989 </p> <p class="boldTitle"> Collections </p> <p> Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Arts Council of Ireland, AIB Bank, Bank of Ireland, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Athlone Institute of Technology, AXA Insurance, Office of Public Works, Microsoft, Boyle Civic Collection, University College Dublin and Private collections in Ireland, UK & USA. </p> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>